We bought 6 rental condos.

We met Joe while looking for a condo to buy for ourselves in Osage Beach. At the time Joe explained to us about the Vacation Rental Program. We were very interested in this and decided to buy the condo and do the vacation rental. Since that time we have  worked with Joe and bought 5 additional condos. We have all of them on Joe and Sharons Vacation Rental Program and we have been very happy with their ability to rent and manage the properties. We finally had to buy a townhouse for ourselves as during the summer months we would come to the lake for the weekend and had to get a motel as all of our condos would be rented! When we bought the townhouse Joe handled all of the negotiations for us. We’d highly recommend Joe for the purchase of any real estate you may be interested in and thier rental and management services.

Richard and Maureen Wachter

Topeka, Kansas