We highly recommend them.

We had the wonderful pleasure of first meeting the Knollhoff’s about ten years ago when we purchased our first condo at the lake. Joe and Sharon were very knowledgable and made our transaction a pleasurable experience. We eventually decided to use the condo for rental through a local management group when away to help offset some of the cost. Unfortunately over time, our kids’ busy schedule got the better of us and prevented us from utilizing the condo as much as we would have liked. In addition our rental activity was not generating enough flow to justify keeping it and we decided to sell. Naturally Joe and Sharon were our 1st and only choice for the listing. They were very helpful with everything and sold our condo within only a few short weeks.

Now that the kids are grown and we have more free time we decided to return to the lake. Checking the website we noticed Joe and Sharon offered rentals so we rented one and came for a visit. We were suprised how things changed and were very happy to be back. We happened to meet Joe when we walked into an open house that he was conducting and had a nice chat. It did not take long for us to have him break free and have him show us a few available units. We found another condo that we really liked and decided to buy it. The transaction was smooth again, fast and uneventful. We also decided to us this condo for rental but wanted Joe and Sharon to manage it this time. We are very happy we that we did this as they have taken very good care of our condo and generated excellent rental activity.

If you are visiting and want a place to stay, looking to own, or just want to know a little about the area, Joe and Sharon are the only call you need to make! We highly recommend them for all of your needs and know you will be just as happy as we are with all of the services the Knollhoffs’ provide.

Dean & Geralyn Degl’Innocenti